Meet SE Wisconsin's nominees for Packers Fan Hall of Fame

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- The Green Bay Packers honor one fan every year -- they're inducted into the Packers Fan Hall of Fame. This year, two of the ten finalists call southeast Wisconsin home.

In an effort to impress, Vivian Laabs has turned her kitchen table into a mini-Packers museum -- including a program from the 1966 NFL Championship -- and pictures from her trip to Miami when she saw the Packers win Super Bowl II.

But Laabs also is sure to show FOX6 News the living room -- where she watches Packers games with her twin brother and carries on a quirky tradition.

"We do six for a touchdown. And if they score a extra point, then we do seven," said Laabs.

But Laabs was a Packers backer when the only way to watch the team was in person.

"We were big fans of listening to the Packers way back before television even was out. And in order to play and get activity, I played with most of the fellas and I love all sports," said Laabs.

91-year-old Joan Hampton wasn't born into fandom. She grew up in England. But after coming to the states at the age of seven, she quickly got hooked on the radio broadcasts.

"I would sit there and I did knock a couple of lamps over because I was so enthusiastic when something happened and from that time on, I was a true Packer fan," said Hampton.

Hampton says the only time she couldn't follow the team was when she enlisted in the Navy in 1942.

"I was very lucky, I was stationed in Washington, D.C., my barracks was only a quarter mile from there. I lived across from the White House," said Hampton.

Both women will be watching the Packers on Sunday -- continuing traditions nearly as old as the team itself.

Fans can vote on the Packers website for which nominee they think should go into the Fan Hall of Fame. CLICK HERE to cast your vote.