Marvelous mosaics: Artist creates unique portraits of Giannis Antetokounmpo, Bucks using maps

MILWAUKEE -- An artist from Cyprus is grabbing the attention of Milwaukee Bucks fans everywhere with his unique map mosaics that celebrate the athletic prowess of Giannis Antetokounmpo.

Charis Tsevis created his first piece featuring #34 in 2018. His "Made in Athens" portrait is based on the actual map of Greek capital -- where Giannis was born and raised. Tsevis said he used a variety of photos from the streets of Athens in the mosaic.

A mosaic portrait of the Greek Freak @Giannis_An34 based on the actual map of the part of Athens where he is born and raised.A variety of photos from the streets of Athens is used on this mosaic.Created as a homage to an incredible basketball player

More recently, Tsevis released his latest work entitled. "Bucks: The deers of Milwaukee." This time, the artist based his mosaic on the actual map of Milwaukee. He used thousands of photos from southeast Wisconsin to portray Giannis -- who now calls this city home.

Mosaic portrait of Milwaukee Bucks player using the actual map of the Metropolitan area of Milwaukee as the grid where they are constructed upon.Thousands of Milwaukee photos are used to fill the gaps between the streets.

Tsevis has made similar mosaic portraits for several more of the Milwaukee Bucks -- and he hopes to complete mosaics for the entire team. See those works in the gallery below.


Check out more of Tsevis' work by CLICKING HERE.