Marquette senior ready to take on the world and a new position

Adam Bretsch has never been a catcher before, but that is not stopping him from playing the position his senior season. That's why the Marquette University High School baseball player is a FOX6 High School Hot Shot.

Expectations are not always reality and Bretsch has learned that very quickly being back with the Hilltoppers.

He says he was ready to play the infield, but the team needed him behind home plate.

"It has been a learning curve, for sure," said Bretsch. "I just know that if I keep practicing, keep working at it, it will become easier as the season progresses. I am really excited and confident to get behind the plate this year."

With aspirations of another conference title and a state championship, Bretsch also has bigger dreams of playing in MLB one day.

"That is a big dream," Bretsch said. "It takes a lot of work. So at this point, it is to play in college."

If the whole major league dream does not work out, Bretsch plans on using what he learns at either the University of San Diego or Santa Clara University to become an engineer.

"I am really a big S.T.E.M. guy in school and my dad is an engineer so that has really drawn me to that side of the spectrum."

Bretsch says he would love to study abroad and he will also be learning German in college.