Maranatha Baptist junior is all about that bass, basketball

This Maranatha Baptist junior is a state champion in two sports and musically talented as well.

Add in rescuing a wayward reptile, and you have this week's FOX6 High School Hot Shot.

Grant Brock is all about basketball.

"As a team, you know, we kind of play position-less basketball," said Brock. "We try to really find the dunker position. The dunker position is more of a positioning and not necessarily what follows after getting the ball. I can dunk. It feels nice to throw it down in a game."

He has helped the Crusaders win back-to-back-to-back WACS state titles.

Grant has enjoyed playing under his father, Bryan.

"So it is pretty awesome having my dad as coach," Grant said. "He played basketball back at Maranatha in the 1990s. He actually won the WACS tournament all four years while he was in high school. Actually seven now. Seven under his belt."

Grant plays basketball as well as soccer.

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He also sings in the choir, he plays saxophone, and he acts in the school's play.

Basketball is my thing, but I am also a soccer player. Basketball is my first love, but soccer is also great.

Grant has three siblings including his younger sister, who is all about the competition with her brother.

"Her and I, we like to play ping pong," said Grant. "We also go out in the driveway. She tries to play defense on me. And she has actually blocked me a couple times. She is a pretty good player."

Grant also has a dog named Callie, and he once rescued a turtle out of the road, which he kept as a pet and named him Kevin.