Lake Mills senior setting power lifting scene on fire

One Lake Mills senior is taking a hobby and turning it into a college scholarship.

That's what makes Hannah Alexander this week's FOX6 High School Hot Shot.

"I was always more interested in strength training and becoming strong, but there was never really any girls in the weight room," said Alexander. "My sophomore year I had seen Max working with some girls at my high school. Seeing them do power lifting and seeing the success and the amount of fun that they were having with it, I decided my junior year that I would also join in."

Alexander says power lifting has changed her life and turned her into "more of a leader."

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Last year, Alexander finished seventh at nationals.

This year, she broke 16 state records at the Wisconsin State Open.

In March at the state competition, Alexander re-broke some of those records and even set four American records.

"My next goals are to be a national champion and to compete at the collegiate level," said Alexander. "I have committed to McKendree University. As much as power lifting has grown, some colleges are even able to offer scholarships for power lifting."

Alexander says it's all worth it to see more girls feeling comfortable walking into the gym to pick up a barbell.

"When I started it, it was just a hobby and I feel now it's just become my lifestyle."