Kettle Moraine H.S. baseball team hoping for state championship

WALES (WITI) -- There is still one high school sport being contested for the 2012-2013 school year, and one team thinks its on the path to becoming the champion.

When the Kettle Moraine High School baseball team practices, it looks like a team. For an indoor workout, that means every player has his matching T-shirt tucked into his matching shorts.

"Coach always talks about the little things. I mean, it seems like such a little thing to have your hat on the right way or have your shirt tucked in, looking like a ball club, looking like a team, but Coach always stresses that if you don't have those little things in order, sometime it's going to be the bottom of the 7th in a tied game and a little thing is going to cost us a game," Lasers Junior Catcher Robbie Dombrowski said.

The Lasers are locking down the little things this season. They were in 13 one-run games during the regular season and won 12 of them.

"We will never give up. That's pretty much they key. We play one game at a time, one pitch at a time, one inning at a time. I mean, everyone on the team doesn't want to give up. We just keep coming out and playing our game. Everything has been working," Lasers Senior Shortstop Keith Koehn said.

Koehn and Dominic Nabak are the only two seniors on the 16-man roster, and since Kettle Moraine plays summer baseball, they have already graduated. Rather than just kick back and enjoy their final months before college though, these guys are leading by example. The Lasers are one of four Number One seeds in the state.

"They're still a little young -- kind of a little squirrelly on you, but I mean, I almost feel like a parent sometimes. I feel like Coach out there yelling at them, but sometimes you just have to get down to business," Lasers Senior Outfielder Dominic Nabak said.

When bat meets ball is like when rubber meets the road. The games will determine how this season plays out, but being seeded Number One, having teams gunning for them, doesn't bother the Lasers one bit.

"Everybody is going to come out and play hard against this team, and I think they like that. I really do. I think they like the challenge. That was something they were excited about. Other teams that we've had in the past, that would have inhibited their play. Other teams would have struggled with that a little bit. This team, when they were ranked Number Four in the state, they said it's not good enough. We want to be Number One," Lasers Head Coach Brian Adamczyk said.

On Friday night, July 19th, a state champion will be crowned.