Kettle Moraine senior ready to repeat with Lasers 'brotherhood'

This Kettle Moraine senior is a bone fide winner in both sports he plays.

That's why Drew Wagner is this week's FOX6 High School Hot Shot.

"The energy is just, it is so high," said Wagner. "It is one thing to be in the weight room all winter but then coming out here and putting on the cleats on, putting the helmets on it's just a different intensity."

Wagner and the Lasers football squad are taking aim at another state championship.

The Kettle Moraine senior reflected on his team's journey to the top of Wisconsin high school football.

"Definitely know what it takes to get there," Wagner said. "My sophomore year we came up just a little short. But we got the taste in our mouth what it is like to just get there, but not get there. So then it was like, last year was kind of a revenge season."

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Wagner said there is nothing like touching that trophy.

"Just touching it, you get goosebumps," he said. "Like it is the best feeling ever. It is so worth it. Every second of grinding is so worth it just to hold up that gold ball."

Whether the Lasers can grab another gold ball or not, Wagner has his future planned out.

"I am going to play football at the Naval Academy," said Wagner. "Super excited to join that brotherhood. I just thought it was where I wanted to be and where I wanted to play. And I am thinking about going into the Marines after. So you can pick the Navy or the Marines. I am thinking about going the Marine route."