'Just trying to do as much as I can:' Bucks' George Hill helping others during COVID-19 pandemic

MILWAUKEE -- While there has not been an opportunity to play basketball for the Milwaukee Bucks, there have been opportunities to help others during the coronavirus pandemic.

One Bucks player is doing his part.

When the NBA shut down its season, the Bucks players and the organization made sure to donate to the employees of Fiserv Forum while they weren't working. Now that the players have all gone home, George Hill is helping out where he is at -- in San Antonio.

George Hill

"Just trying to do as much as I can to help the first responders and things like that," Hill said.

Friday, he was spreading the love at North Central Baptist Hospital in San Antonio.

George Hill

"I went to a police substation, did 100 meals there. I passed out 100 meals to three different, other hospitals here for all the first responders and things like that," said Hill. "Then I opened up a $1,000 tab at these two popular restaurants here in the city for first responders to go in and show their badge or their ID card and just get a meal on me.

"Just trying to do as much as I can, help where I can especially in this crisis that we are going through."

Hill also reached out to San Antonio-area children's' homes; he heard they were in need of cleaning supplies and other essential items.

He still continues to help those in need in San Antonio and he is spending time there with his family. The coronavirus has touched us all in one way or another. For Hill, it got really close to him and his family.

"My wife's grandmother just had the coronavirus. 85 years old, had the chills, fever of 106, I think, or really high. Didn't eat for a while. Lost her smell and taste. By the grace of God, she beat it," Hill said. "Her grandmother is one of those hardnose, don't want to take medicine, let God heal me...and beat it.

"It just kind of gives you the sense of where life is. Sometimes we take things for granted and things can turn sideways by the snap of a finger. One day you see someone doing well and the next day they are not. So always tell people that you love them and what they mean to you. Like my grandmother says, I never say goodbye. It's always see you later. I don't believe in the goodbyes."

George Hill (left), Giannis Antetokounmpo (middle) and Robin Lopez (right) (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)

The Bucks were expected to be playing in the second round of the NBA playoffs this week. The wait continues for the team to possibly return and play for a championship.

The decision to return will be one made by the league and its teams. Either way, Hill will be OK.

"As competitors and athletes we want to play this season. But I feel like if more lives are in jeopardy then I could care less about the season. I would rather keep everyone safe and sound. All our families, our kids, our wives, our mother-in-laws, grandparents and things like that," said Hill. "If that is the case to cancel a season, yes as an athlete I would be upset but at the same time we can't do anything about it.

"I think that would be the best decision for that, and if we play I am excited to play again and get back on that court. I think we had something special going and would love to finish it."

In the meantime, Hill does get to workout while in San Antonio. He says he is just waiting for the call to get back on the court.

George Hill