James Jones: Packers' offense 'clicking on all cylinders'

James Jones

The Green Bay Packers have started the NFL season a perfect record -- three wins, zero losses. But can they make it 4-0 after meeting the winless Atlanta Falcons on Monday night, Oct. 5?

FOX6's Tim Van Vooren and former Packers wide receiver James Jones took a look ahead at just the second-ever Monday night matchup between the two teams.

Van Vooren: James Jones, I'm back outside this week because the Packers keep winning. I know you don't mess with what's working, (the Packers are) not messing with what's working either.

Jones: Absolutely. I mean, they got clicking on all cylinders right now, man. I mean for me, I'm really impressed with Coach LaFleur. The way he's dialing up these different formations and getting certain guys in certain situations to make plays.

Green Bay Packers Head Coach Matt LaFleur

Van Vooren: Well, you did some motion when you played in the NFL. What does the receiver have to think about? I keep talking about all the defense has to adjust to this...As a receiver, what do you have to have in your mind when you're in motion?

Jones: Well, a simple for the receiver, and that's why we always ask for motion because, number one, when you get in motion, you know whether it's going to be, man to man coverage zone coverage.

For a receiver. It helps you out tremendously when you're moving all over the field, you motion because you know exactly what the coverage is going to be. And if you know exactly what the coverage is going to be, you know, Aaron Rodgers knows exactly what the coverage is going to be. He knows exactly where he's going with the football before he even hikes, the ball.

That's the best thing about motion. It just forces the defense to communicate. And we all know sometimes when you communicate...hey, you could get one guy going the wrong way or the other guy going the wrong way. But it forces the defense to communicate because you do not know what the offense is going to do. We could motion and come out, we can motion and go across the field. You don't know.

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Van Vooren: Now some of what happened in your era with Mike McCarthy is you guys could get up and down the field great, but your defense maybe wasn't at quite the same level. How concerned are you about what you're seeing right now from this Packer team? The glass looks half full overall, but it doesn't look all the way full to me, James.

Jones: Yeah, no, I mean the defense has some work to do. And I mean, I know the offense feels like they have some work to do -- even as well as they play. But the defense, defense understands that -- listen, we got to tackle better, we got to stop the run much better.

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Van Vooren: Green Bay already starts with a 3-0 record. That's a nice leg up on where you want to be at the end of the season. Atlanta's 0-3, James.

Jones: Well, you know, first off, I really hate games like this because you look at the Atlanta Falcons and you could easily say they could be 3-0. When people on the outside looking are like "oh we 3-0, they gonna win this game easy." Not necessarily. there's a lot of talent over there, and like Coach Mike (McCarthy) always said, "they get paid to play, too, now" so you got to go in here and play the game that's on your schedule."

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