'It's invaluable:' Artist combines passion for racing with giving back, helps provide camp scholarships

SHEBOYGAN COUNTY -- The time never seems to have been better to give back to your community. One local artist is doing just -- through a love of racing.

Dave Cook

Making art to make a difference. That pretty much sums up Dave Cook. At the intersection of his passions for motorsports and giving back, you'll find kids attending Camp Anokijig -- a longtime not-for-profit enterprise in Sheboygan County.

"It's invaluable," Darin Holden, executive director of Camp Anokijig, said. "The reality is our camp is built on volunteerism from the start in 1926. People give of themselves or they give what they can make. When somebody like Dave comes in and can use his passion to drive other people's passions, that is what it is all about."

You can hear the engines at nearby Road America when you're at the camp, and now Cook is selling his print of the C8R Corvette on the track; aside from shipping and handling, all the proceeds are going to provide scholarships for kids to attend Camp Anokijig.

"I don't want to make any money at this. I feel as far as me as a racing artist, help me to help them. That is going to be my motto," Cook said.

Cook was underprivileged himself as a child and says he received plenty of inspiration over the years, some of it from drivers and others in racing.

"I tried to honor some of those guys. I've got more to do," said Cook.

Retired after more than three decades working in the City of Milwaukee, Cook empathizes with kids of today. He's trying to help provide opportunities he never had.

"The greatest part of it is they get to coexist with other kids at the camp," Cook said. "What a gift."

Camp Anokijig is all about opportunity. If you are interested in purchasing a print to support the effort, CLICK HERE for more information or visit corvetteforum.com.

Call Camp Anokijig: 920-893-0782