"It's been an amazing experience:" Milwaukee twins in their senior season, playing football for the Badgers

MADISON (WITI) -- The Trotter twins have had opponents seeing double on the football field for years. As the clock winds down on their Wisconsin Badgers careers, the two are tighter now than ever before -- and you might say they're having twice as much fun!

The Trotter twins brought double impact at Marquette University High School -- Michael as a safety and Marcus as a linebacker.

Fast-forward to their senior seasons at the University of Wisconsin. Marcus is a starting linebacker, and Michael, who was switched to linebacker himself, subs in for his twin.

"It's kind of a slap in the face how fast it goes. You just have to take your opportunities because it goes by like this. This is our last year. We only have so many more times at Camp Randall. It's a little emotional," Michael Trotter said.

"I remember when I was a freshman, and just being youthful and stuff like that. Now I'm an old man. I mean, I feel like it. My body does. It goes by fast. I've waited a long time to get that opportunity, but I'm happy to be here and there's no better college than Wisconsin," Marcus Trotter said.

Like many of their Badgers teammates, Marcus and Michael Trotter went through the coaching transition from Brett Bielema to Gary Andersen. It hasn't taken the current coach long to appreciate the Trotters' greatest asset.

"Michael and Marcus have carried themselves with so much energy whenever they play this game. The opportunity for them, they do it at practice, You know, Coach Bush tells them all the time, if they get a big play in practice, 'you get a pick for a touchdown -- go spike it.' Not in the games though. But we want them to play with emotion. It can become contagious. Hopefully for some of the youth too," Andersen said.

"I'm just always an emotional person and it's always been like that. I'm not the fastest, strongest person out there, so if I make a play, I like people knowing, you know what I mean? So like Coach said, in practice I like spiking the ball a lot -- just getting the offense kinda irritated. Just having fun -- that's what football's about," Marcus Trotter said.

Like many siblings, the twins have had their differences over the years, but they've always been close -- more so now than ever.

"Marcus and I made the right decision coming here. It's been an amazing experience. It's a great education, great people and great football. When I was little, they used to say 'you twins will be best friends.' Come on. Let's be real. But really, we've matured a lot since high school to now. It's awesome. I can't explain it," Michael Trotter said.

"Having Michael by my side, seeing how well he's doing, it's just great. There's no better way to finish out my senior year than to do it with my brother," Marcus Trotter said.