'It will help:' Milwaukee Bucks, American Transmission Co. plant trees at MPS school

Anne Spaltholz

MILWAUKEE -- The Milwaukee Bucks' record-breaking season is having an impact off the court. Serving as the culmination of this season’s Trees for Threes program, the Milwaukee Bucks and American Transmission Co. planted four locally-sourced trees with students at Milwaukee Public Schools' Milwaukee School of Languages on Tuesday, May 14 .

The four trees were part of 573 trees to be planted at schools across Wisconsin.

"With every three-pointer the Bucks made at home, we pledged to donate a tree to a school in Wisconsin," said Anne Spaltholz, American Transmission Co. communications director.

American Transmission Co. donated the 573 trees as part of its Trees for Threes program partnership with the Milwaukee Bucks.

"The better the team does on the court, the more we can do off the court," said Arvind Gopalratnam, Bucks VP of corporate responsibility.

The Bucks’ 573 three-pointers from 2018-19 set a new franchise record, and also ranked as the fourth-most threes made by any team at home in NBA history.

The Trees for Threes program, now in its third year with American Transmission Co., has netted 1,271 trees to make schools and communities greener.

Some 259 Wisconsin schools registered to receive a combined total of 573 trees this season.

"I think the biggest lesson is it just takes one person. Planting a tree may seem like a small thing, but if everybody does one small thing, it will help," said Yvette Martel, principal Milwaukee School of Languages.

For more information on the program, or to see a full list of the 259 schools, CLICK HERE.