"It was perfect!" Fans loving standing-room-only ticket option for Green Bay Packers games

GREEN BAY (WITI) -- For the first time ever, the Green Bay Packers offered fans the opportunity to purchase standing-room only tickets for this past Sunday's battle with the Chicago Bears. So what did fans think?

An empty seat is hard to find at this game, especially when the Packers play the Bears.

"It's a huge game because it's always a big division game all the time. It usually goes right down to the wire between these two teams. But it's a big, huge rivalry every game," Scott Eiden said.

While many fans choose to sit during games Paul Landeros was standing on Sunday.

"I can't sit down as it is, so it was perfect," Landeros said.

Landeros drove 21 hours from Lubbock, Texas for the game and the standing-room-only tickets.

"You're more sheltered and with all the bodies, it's not bad," Landeros said.

Landeros wasn't the only fan enjoying the designated standing-room-only section.

"The view is unbeatable from here," Matthew Rooyakkers said.

Many fans said they were pleased with the view offered in the standing-room-only section.

"It's the camaraderie, great Packers fans, private bar, food and everyone around. It's awesome," Rooyakkers said.

The Packers only offered 200 standing-room-only tickets.

"We knew we wanted to have the capability of doing it here. It's just a matter of getting to a point where we feel comfortable giving it a try and we do," Packers Director of Public Affairs Aaron Popkey said.

So what about the fans sitting underneath the standing-room-only area?

"(We don't mind) at all. As long as we don't get a beer spilled on us!" Eric Valentin said.

The $75 standing-room-only tickets have only been offered for two home games. The other is the Eagles matchup next week. Fans can stand at the South End of Lambeau, right behind section 434S.

"We felt good about this section being the section to use in terms of the concessions, restrooms and the space," Popkey said.

For now, the Packers are calling this a trial run. If tickets are offered again next season, it will only be for high-demand games.

Standing-room-only tickets for next Sunday's game against the Eagles are already sold out.