Inside the private museum of a Green Bay Packers superfan

GREEN BAY — Every Green Bay fan has a Packers keepsake of some kind or another, but you’d be hard-pressed to find a collection that can hold a torch to Packer Bob’s.

It began about ten years ago when, as he’s affectionally known, Packer Bob and his family started coming to the Green Bay area to care for his parents. They found themselves in the area so often, they decided to get a permanent place.

Now how did WFRV find out about this secret collection you may ask? Well, that’s where Joe comes in. He lives next door.

Joe says it’s been really fun. Especially during his annual Christmas parties when Bob gives those hourly tours to people needing a reprieve from the noise or heat across the hall.

Packer Bob says the collection, which is more like a mini-museum, is a reflection of when he was a kid in the 1960s, growing up as a Packers fan in Manitowoc. It was in that era, the Lombardi years, that Packer Bob found great pride in being a fan.

Looking over many of his autographed photos, Packer Bob waxes poetic, “Old-time football was the origin of the United States. You look at it and it makes you realize how iconic and simple Green Bay is and yet how important it is has been and continues to be to the success of the NFL.” He continues, “Every time I go into Lambeau Field, I always say I don’t want to ever take a minute in that stadium for granted.”