Reigning MVP Bennett leads Milwaukee Wave as the 'old guy'

Ian Bennett looks very comfortable in practice at the Uihlein Soccer Complex.

He should. After all, he started coming to work for the Milwaukee Wave in 2009.

"You know what's crazy, they say it never gets old, and it really doesn't, man," said Bennett. "I've been here, it's like, I could literally blindfold myself and walk through the doors, walk down the stairs without, probably, hurting myself."

Bennett's game remains very healthy for one of the top teams in the Major Arena Soccer League.

"I don't take anything for granted because the time is going to come when I've got to pass the torch, right?" said Bennett. "So while I'm in here, I'm going to love it. I'm going to play 100%. I'm going to give my all to the club and to the city. I'll just keep doing what I do, but I love it, man. I do it with a smile. I have fun. It's my passion."

At 39 years of age, Bennett has been playing soccer longer than some of his teammates have been alive, but there's no distinction or noticeable difference when they're on the field together.

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"Yeah, I'm experienced, but I still want to hang out with the young guys," Bennett said. "I still want to push the young guys and show them that this old guy's got some speed and stuff."

To illustrate that he's still got it, Bennett extended his consecutive games goal streak to 39 earlier this season, and he's upper echelon when it comes to verbal engaging with his teammates.

"I'm the captain," said Bennett. "It starts with me, right? So if I'm having a bad day, the team's going to have a bad day, so if I can have a lot of up days, the team is going to have a lot of up days. Honestly, I am blessed, and I really don't [have bad days]. I try to stay positive, and even if I get down, it's probably for a couple of minutes, and then I've got to be on to the next, man."

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Bennett is a two-time league MVP and has two league championships from his time with the Wave.

It's not impossible that he could add to both of those totals again this season.