Sophomore holds state record, national archery title

Meredith Shimada knows how to hit her mark. Now, the sophomore archer is a FOX6 High School Hot Shot.

Shimada got into archery about three years ago.

"I like it because it involves a lot of focus and I get to shoot bow and it's kind of cool because I can go hunting. I am still trying to get the hang of it sometimes," Shimada said.

In her first year at state, Shimada won. In her second year, she broke a 29-year-old record by 31 points. She also finished first at nationals for barebow archery.

"My favorite memory was at state, I was shooting my 10th end. I turned around and all the people from Shooters were grinning and smiling and videoing me because I broke the record," said Shimada.

She shoots without a scope, too, because "it is too easy almost" -- enjoying the challenge.

"Archery is all about the eye dominancy instead of which hand. So I am left-eye dominant but right-handed. So I shoot left-handed but when I am writing or eating it is all right-handed," Shimada said.

In her free time, Shimada likes to read and hang out with friends and enjoys her pets.