"Highly sensationalized:" Aaron Rodgers disputes facts in new Brett Favre book 'Gunslinger'

GREEN BAY -- Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers is answering questions about a new book about QB Brett Favre's career. The current quarterback is disputing some of the facts in the book.

Rodgers is a central figure in the new Brett Favre book, Gunslinger by Jeff Pearlman.

"The small excerpt that I read is highly sensationalized. Did I call him grandpa at anytime during the three years together? Probably -- but in the same joking way that my man, Brett Hundley, called me grandpa three weeks ago on the field when we were doing a competitive drill -- so the story that was out there that I saw, is completely, 100% false and I would dare anybody to test my memory ion that. You guys know how my memory is. The end," Rodgers said.

Rodgers did not speak with the author, Jeff Pearlman, for the book then again, neither did Brett Favre.