High school junior broke Ryan Braun story in his blog

BROWN DEER -- The news of the Brewers' Ryan Braun being cleared of all wrongdoing appears to have been broken by a high school junior more than a week ago.

Curt Hogg of Brown Deer happens to be a teenage blogger devoted to the Milwaukee Brewers. He began his blog, "Plushdamentals," on the MLB blog network in summer 2011.

The moment Hogg got the third-hand story on Braun, it went straight to his site. That was February 14th. "I was talking to someone I know who happens to know one of Braun's ex-college teammates, who Braun is still in communication with. I don't have their name, I didn't get that much, but they told me the story that I posted about how the test was mishandled and it wasn't taken to FedEx right away and it was left in the guy's refrigerator," Hogg said.

Now, Hogg is handling media calls, interview requests and coping with new-found stardom. Even so, he's finding time to fit in his love of writing. "I'll just keep on blogging like I have been. Whatever comes my way comes my way," Hogg said.

Hogg plans on going to college to study journalism. He says he started "Plushdamentals" to help develop his writing style. He never expected to have such a huge story break on his site.