Headed to Lambeau Field this Sunday? You'll want to pack your appetite!

GREEN BAY (WITI) – If you are heading to the Green Bay Packers home opener at Lambeau Field this Sunday, you may want to pack your appetite! The Lambeau Field menu is expanding to include many new game-day options.

Menu items get their inspiration from places like Philadelphia and Texas -- and even south of the border. But Lambeau Field Executive Chef Heath Barbato says the new game-day menu is all Wisconsin.

“There wasn’t a great strategy behind this or anything. It was kind of just playing around in the kitchen. That’s how most of this stuff comes about to be honest with you,” said Barbato.

About a dozen new items include the popular Horse Collar -- a nearly two-foot long smoked sausage on a horseshoe bun.  And there are Brat’chos too.

“It’s beer, cheese, brats. It doesn’t get much better than that,” said Barbato.

There are new healthy choices like turkey wraps, salads and pretzels dipped in hummus.

“It’s a great grab and go item. You go back to your seat. Especially for a lot of people nowadays -- even if they are going to a game, they’re trying to watch it,” said Barbato.

So what do Packers fans think of this season’s options?

“I think they call it a Horse Collar because if you go on a steady diet of those, you’re going to be as big as a horse pretty quick!” said Jan Veenendaal, Packers Fan.

“This looks good, the hummus and pretzels. I’d try that one right now,” said Tom Ittner, Packers Fan.

“I think it’s pretty neat. I think it’s excellent. As long as it’s low-cal, I’d buy it,” said George Sweet, Packers Fan.

Speaking of dessert, there is another new concoction. It’s a doughnut ice cream sandwich.

“It presses it almost like a George Foreman grill would. So it is crispy on the outside, and you still have the ice cream in the middle,” said Barbato.

So how many calories are there in this Lambeau feast? Chef Barbato says if you have to ask, you probably really don’t want to know.

“Who’s counting? You’re at a Packers game. You’ll be fine,” said Barbato.