Happy 121st! His birthday listed as April 4th, 1896 on Twitter, Skittles helps Frank Kaminsky celebrate

Former Wisconsin Badgers basketball star Frank Kaminsky is celebrating a big birthday on Tuesday, April 4th -- and Skittles officials helped him celebrate!

Kaminsky shared the below on Twitter Tuesday:

Kaminsky has his birthday listed as April 4th, 1896 -- making him 121 years old! Skittles officials took notice, and sent him a special 121st birthday cake!

Skittles officials tweeted back at Kaminsky:

His 200th birthday is coming up in 2096!

Kaminsky is a vocal supporter of Skittles. He even received a Skittles-dispensing basketball hoop that he set up in his bathtub!

Kaminsky is currently playing for the Charlotte Hornets. He actually turned 24 years old on Tuesday, April 4th.