Group cycles through Super Bowl for Super Bowl Spin

MILWAUKEE -- Sunday was the 46th Super Bowl, and lots of people used the big game as an excuse to get together with friends. FOX6's Jen Lada found a group cheering for the Giants and Patriots while cruising on two wheels.

The big game was on the TV, and a group of cyclists were on their trainers, gathered at Emery's Bike Shop Sunday for a semi-annual tradition - spending Super Bowl Sunday in the saddle. "First of all, you have to be crazy to want to ride four or five hours," one cyclist said. "It's a good reason to get together and have some fun, and eat some good food and not feel bad about it," another cyclist said.

It's like any other Super Bowl party - there are snacks and beverages provided, and if the cyclists eat during the entire game, it's likely they will burn more calories than most football fans will consume, during the same amount of time! "It just brings everybody together and lets you have fun instead of sitting at home and eating junk food, we get to come together and have fun with a bunch of friends, and burn calories while we're doing it," Steve Federspiel, a manager at Emery's Third Coast Tri-Shop said.

Since most of the cyclists are Packers fans, they admitted Sunday they weren't too concerned with who wins the game. Maybe that's because in the end, they know they are the real winners! "I'm actually from Indianapolis, so I guess there is some loyalty to not have the Patriots win!" one cyclist said.

"We have done this a number of times over the years. It is just a great time to celebrate with each other. The indoor season gets a little bit long at this time of the year, so it is a good reason for a party. Kind of a shame that the Packers weren't in it this year," Emery's Third Coast Tri-Shop owner Brent Emery said.

Emery's has been hosting the Super Bowl Spin off and on for the past two decades.