Grafton basketball team remembers Davis-Joiner

GRAFTON -- 17-year-old Grafton High School basketball player Josh Davis-Joiner died at basketball practice early last week, and Tuesday night, the team had their first home game since that tragic day.

The high intensity warmup, seemed like the usual build up before a Grafton High School home basketball game, but if you took a closer look at the number on the backs, of both teams' jerseys, it was 32.

The Grafton community mourned Davis-Joiner at the first home game since the varsity defensive standout collapsed and died at practice Monday of last week.

There was a moment of silence in Davis-Joiner's honor Tuesday night. It was a moment louder than the roar of any crowd. "He touched so many lives, it's incredible," one Grafton student said.

Then, it was back to basketball. Davis-Joiners' teammates played with passion for their fallen friend. They say Number 32 will alway hold a place in their hearts. "This whole gym is a memory of him and every game is a memory of him," one Grafton student said.

Grafton won their game Tuesday night in front of Davis-Joiner's family. The family said they simply wanted to pass along their heartfelt thanks to everyone in the community.