"Grad to be:" Aaron Rodgers jokes about returning to Cal Berkeley campus

CALIFORNIA -- Aaron Rodgers had us all wondering whether or not he was hitting the books and heading back to college, after sharing Instagram posts while visiting the Cal Berkeley campus. Not so fast says the Green Bay Packers QB -- the rumors are fake, according to his latest post.

Tuesday, June 13th Rodgers posted on Instagram a short video of him on the Cal Berkeley campus saying, "Summer school day one."

The MVP then posted an aerial view of the campus, including the hashtag "grad to be."

"Can't tell you how pumped I am to have this guy back at Berkeley. Excited about the future of the program!" Rodgers said in a third post.

According to fanragsports.com, Rodgers forwent his senior season with the Golden Bears because, well, he was that good.

Even though the rumors are false -- now that Rodgers has confirmed "that was a joke" -- we still think it'd be pretty cool to sit in class next to a Super Bowl Champ!