Germantown junior turns hobby into number one passion

One Germantown junior took a hobby and turned it into his number one passion.

That's what makes JV Myles this week's FOX6 High School Hot Shot.

"I started jumping last year," said Myles. "I had only done middle school track, but I never really thought of jumping as like a main event. But my coach was like, "How about we put you in the triple jump test to see how you are? I know you're good at long, but triple jump would be a good spot for you to place that." He's really what got me into triple jump."

Soccer was Myles' real passion or so he thought.

"I love soccer, but now I wanted to track."

He started running track to keep up his conditioning in the offseason.

He says it just took off from there.

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"Did I ever think it was something I could be competitive in," Myles asked. "Yes, but I never thought it would be to this point where I would get looked at as one of the good jumpers or someone that could really go far. So I always thought I'll just do track, stay in shape. But now I really see it as this is what I want to do. I really love this sport now, and it's something I want to keep doing for a long time."

In his first season of jumping, Myles went all the way to the state meet and placed third.

When Myles isn't jumping now, he's thinking about jumping.

Even when he's out on a boat fishing all by himself.

"I like the peace and quiet," said Myles. "It helps me think, helps me reflect on stuff that I've done in the past. It helps me reflect on past jumps, how I want to jump differently, different techniques going through the phases of my head. So it's a relaxer."