George Webb predicts the Brewers will win 12 straight

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- It has only happened once in 65 years. But George Webb Restaurants is once again predicting a 12-game winning streak for the Milwaukee Brewers.

The Brewers have won eight straight games with their victory over the San Diego Padres Monday night, April 22nd. They're going for number nine on Tuesday.

The last time the Brewers won 12 in a row was April 19, 1987 under manager Tom Trebelhorn. It was a game that was held on a sunny Easter Sunday. The Brewers beat the Texas Rangers in come-from-behind fashion to win their 12th consecutive game. Although Webb had never said what would be done if the Brewers won 12 straight, three days later George Webb Restaurants handed out thousands of free burgers to residents throughout the state.

The Webb prediction actually goes back to the 1940s when Webb predicted 17 consecutive wins for the Brewers teams of the American Association. When the Braves moved to Milwaukee from Boston in 1953, a prediction of 12 wins in a row was painted on the Webb restaurant walls.