Franklin quarterback, Wisconsin commit fueled by his doubters

To some, he's not seen as a true quarterback. But this Franklin senior is using all of that doubt to fuel his fire and that's one reason why he is this week's FOX6 High School Hot Shot.

Myles Burkett has been playing football since he was in kindergarten. Since becoming a quarterback in the fourth grade, he has always heard the chatter.

"I wasn't always the prototypical starting quarterback," said Burkett. "I guess, I wouldn't say that I'm very tall or fit the part as some people may say. I'm somewhat undersized for my position, but, people can say whatever they want, but I know my dreams and my goals and I'm going to achieve them no matter what."

Burkett watched The Last Dance and says his mindset is similar to that of one of the greatest basketball players of all time.

"I always find different type of fuel no matter what it is," Burkett said. "Michael Jordan, he found the littlest things to fuel him, I'm kind of the same way. And if people want talk about my height, that's just adding more fuel to the fire."

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Burkett is following the footsteps of a player who heard those same criticisms. And he just so happens to be his favorite player.

"I always want to be [at Wisconsin]," said Burkett. "My home state, the player I emulate, Russell Wilson, he went there. So it was kind of obvious and a done deal once the offer came. I really I think I fit well in their program. I think I fit well in their offense. The the guys they recruit to come play with them are guys that I love to surround myself with. So the choice was it was a no doubt when it really came."