FOX6's Tom Pipines' thoughts on Braun controversy

MILWAUKEE -- Brewers left-fielder Ryan Braun's 50-game suspension for testing positive for a banned substance was overturned last Thursday, and as I said after Braun's news conference on Friday afternoon, I believe he's being truthful when he says that he never put an illegal substance into his system.

A judge's ruling gives comfort to those of us in that camp.Yet, it appears the National League MVP got off on a technicality.

So unless, or until, it is proven that Braun's test was tampered with in some manner, the cloud of suspicion will hang over the gifted young man who has a chance to be a hall of famer.

Either way, the upcoming Brewers season will be challenging. The feeling here is that Braun will stand tall, as he did the other day during his press conference in Arizona.