Former Packers' WR Jordy Nelson returns to WI to promote adoption: 'Something we truly believe in'

LAKE GENEVA -- Former Green Bay Packers' WR Jordy Nelson, who now plays for the Oakland Raiders, was back in Wisconsin on Sunday, May 20 -- taking part in the Jockey Being Family Gala in Lake Geneva.

The event raises money for and awareness of adoption.

"What Jockey Being Family does, not only for helping adoptive families, but sustaining them, allowing them all to be successful -- they don't want to have any failed adoptions once an adoption has been made, so being able to bring some recognition to them, help raise some money and be a part of it is something that we truly believe in and enjoy. This is a great event that they put on," said Nelson.

Jordy Nelson and his wife Emily have adopted two of their three children.

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