Football fans in Titletown cheer as regular refs return

GREEN BAY -- Football fans could not be happier about the end of the labor strife between the NFL and the referees union. That deal came late Wednesday night, and the NFL refs were set to take to the field for Thursday night's games. Even so, fans remain concerned about what Monday's loss to the Seattle Seahawks may mean down the road.

From first-timer visitors to Lambeau Field to Green Bay Packers season ticket holders -- there was a collective sigh of relief Thursday over the end of the refs' lockout.

"The real refs are gonna start tonight, so I`m excited about that!" Kay Liebzeit said.

"The temporary ref situation was a travesty, so football's been set back right," Pete McGriff said.

"It was a joke. The whole thing was just three weeks of a joke, and it's over," another Packers' fan said.

Fans in Green Bay were quick to point out the potential for problems in the playoffs. That is, if Monday's loss comes back to bite the Pack.

"You really don`t want to know my thoughts about that. I`m gonna be pretty ticked-off," Liebzeit said.

Liebzeit said she is just happy she won't miss out on major money, like Gerry Watson, owner of the Stadium View Bar and Grille. He says what the NFL calls a Packers' loss could, for him, come with a considerable cost.

"Let`s put it this way: You don`t make as much as I`ll lose if we lose a home game. It`s real simple math. We`ll finally watch a football game called the way it should be done and not the way they didn`t wanna pay to have it done!" Watson said.

Watson also points out the economic impact Monday's loss could have on all of Titletown -- because it could keep the Packers out of the playoffs altogether.

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