Fiserv Forum workers deliver high-5s in mission 'to become the friendliest arena in the world'

MILWAUKEE -- The Milwaukee Bucks and Marquette University Golden Eagles picked up a lot of victories at Fiserv Forum this winter, and the new arena's staff picked up a lot of fans thanks, in part, to the way those fans walk out the door.

Jean, staff member at Fiserv Forum

To say that Fiserv Forum opened to high expectations in August of 2018 would be accurate. The tenants, the Bucks and Golden Eagles, have only amped up the emotions with their success in the building, and staff members have maintained the vibe.

"People are here to enjoy themselves. We should help them enjoy the experience," said a ticket taker at Fiserv Forum.

That mindset isn't the exception, nor an accident.

Zach Bartlett

"Our mission here at Fiserv Forum, our service mission is to become the friendliest, most welcoming arena in all of America, in all of the world," said said Zach Bartlett, front of house manager at Fiserv Forum.

Elijah, staff member at Fiserv Forum

There's pride as workers welcome fans to Fiserv Forum, and high-fives as they say goodbye. The exchange often seen on the court has become part of the postgame experience at the arena.

"We like to greet the guests as they leave. We give them high-fives and everything. Win or lose, we always do it in a fun way, and they always interact the best way possible," said a ticket taker at Fiserv Forum.

"The employees really bought into it, especially when they saw the guests' and the fans' reaction to the high-fives. They really bought into the program," said Bartlett.

"The high-fiving -- it's great! I love to high-five. High-five all day!" said a fan.

"It's a tradition that I hope they start. Milwaukee's had a great year in a lot of ways, and the Bucks are just adding onto that with a great season," said a fan.

"We like to leave our guests with a memorable experience, so we love to do the high-fives," said a ticket taker at Fiserv Forum.

"The energy in the stadium, the high-fives at the end, it's radiating through everybody. It's a good time to be in Milwaukee," said a fan.

The high expectations surrounding the opening of Fiserv Forum have been met and saluted with high-fives.