Fight for Breath: Gabby Falcone inspires on and off the field

Playing soccer is a popular activity for many kids and teenagers, and most take that for granted.  Gabby Falcone, however, understands that each breath she takes is a gift.  The high school senior is living and playing with Cystic Fibrosis, a serious and life threatening lung disorder.   The Falcone family knows cystic fibrosis well.  Of the six children, four of them suffer with the disease.  And while Gabby functions with CF, she hopes to live for a cure.  While she knows you cannot cure cystic fibrosis, she want to help other people suffering so she plans to major in biomedical engineering.  She also inspired her soccer team to raise money and awareness for CF by playing an annual "Fight for Breath" game.  This year, the money raised will help her older brother Nick, who is waiting a double lung and liver transplant.  Gabby outwardly lives her life like any healthy teenage girl and doesn't fuss over her situation, but, anyone who knows Gabby Falcone knows she is brave, courageous and compassionate.  For the difference she's already made and the difference she will make, Gabby Falcone is a Fox6 High School Hot Shot.

Name: Gabby Falcone

School: Racine Horlick High School

Sport: Soccer