Fans board Saz's Packers bus for trip to Frozen Tundra Sunday

GREEN BAY (WITI) -- Hours before players were set to take the field at Lambeau on Sunday for the big playoff matchup between the Green Bay Packers and the San Francisco 49ers, fans lined up in Milwaukee for an unforgettable voyage to the Frozen Tundra. The bus took off from Saz's near 55th and State on Sunday morning -- filled with fans ready to experience a playoff game at Lambeau Field!

It was a sort of pre-game party inside Saz's State House on Sunday morning as nearly 100 waited to board coach buses stationed outside.

The trip would take them to Lambeau Field for the big playoff game against the Niners.

Like every home game this season, Saz's General Manager, Casey Schneck made the trip Sunday with fans.

"We were up there in December and it was pretty brutally cold," Schneck said.

But it's never been THIS cold! Fans were bundled up -- packing things like hand and foot warmers.

Everyone would receive a voucher for free food and drinks when they arrived in Green Bay. The buses were set to arrive three hours before kickoff -- to give fans time to enjoy the Lambeau Field atmosphere.

These fans would also be granted access to the Tundra Tailgate Zone -- a heated tent across from the stadium.

Some fans ready for the trek to Lambeau couldn't even think of the cold -- as their adrenaline had taken over, and they looked forward to a warm welcome in Green Bay -- and hopefully, a Packers playoff win!