Arrowhead senior excelling in sports on snow, water and grass

She's a second team all-state lacrosse player and a two-time Atlantic Coast Sailing Championships qualifier.

But it's Arrowhead senior Ellie Siepmann's life-long love of another sport that makes her this week's FOX6 High School Hot Shot.

"I've been skiing since I was one and a half years old," said Siepmann. "My dad brought me out one day after I wouldn't stop whining in the lodge."

Siepmann has been on the slopes her entire life.

She just loves the feeling.

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"It's just like, exciting to go down the hill," Siepmann said. "Like, there's always a good feeling and the coldness on your face. I know that's kind of like, cliché, but it really is. It's just exciting to go down. Look, that's probably one of my favorite sounds. That and hitting gates. I love the sound of like, the click, and it's all satisfying."

Siepmann helped Arrowhead win the state title, but it's not the only sport consuming her free time.

"I'm in varsity lacrosse," said Siepmann. "Arrowhead doesn't sponsor sailing, but I'm also, I guess you can say it's varsity sailing. I'm a crew, so I work in the front of the boat, and I pull in the jib, so it's a little sail."

Along with those three sports, Siepmann is also a co-president of Arrowhead Student Senate.