Donald Driver had big impact on one little boy fighting leukemia

GREEN BAY (WITI) -- Fans flocked to Lambeau Field in Green Bay to hear Green Bay Packers wide receiver Donald Driver formally announce his retirement after 14 years with the team. As Driver hung up his cleats on Wednesday, February 6th, FOX6 News spoke with a little boy on whom Driver made a big impact.

When Driver ran into Woodfield Elementary School three years ago, one of the many screaming kids in the gymnasium was third-grader Trenton Carr.

The little boy got the chance to meet Driver one-on-one. To see his favorite player, Carr had come straight from Children's Hospital.

"Not many people take time out of his day to come and meet kids like that. It made me feel a lot better," Carr said.

At the time, Carr was fighting leukemia. He had lost a lot of weight and his hair.

#80 gave Carr an autographed ball and two of the children's books he has written -- putting his phone number in one.

Carr's family remembers how that visit with Driver raised Carr's spirits.

"It was actually really special cause like, he got so happy and he was like smiling, the whole day was really happy for him," Carr's cousin Carson Slone said.

Today, Carr is 11 years old and healthy, but his gifts from Driver remain treasured possessions. So on the day Driver left the Packers, Carr's family said "thank you."

"Thank you for doing the things that you`ve done for my cousin," Slone said.

Carr has called Driver -- who remembered him, and they talked a little about football. Carr said he may call Driver again to congratulate him on his retirement.