Diamond Stone says goal for Dominican basketball team is to win state again

WHITEFISH BAY (WITI) -- Diamond Stone is a junior boy's basketball standout at Dominican High School in Whitefish Bay.

"Diamond" is a pretty unique name - and Stone says he got it from his father.

"My dad's name is Robert, so I was going to be Robert Jr. My mom wanted to name me Trey - but my dad just picked Diamond because a diamond is a stone," Stone said.

Stone says he started "picking up the basketball" around the age of three.

"Football was too physical for me. My mom said once I got hit, I couldn't play anymore. Soccer was too much running. Basketball - I just fit right in," Stone said.

Stone says his best memories are AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) basketball trips and spending time with his teammates - getting to know them better.

Dominican High School's boy's basketball team won state last season, and Stone says that remains the ultimate goal this season.

"Make it to state and win state. Those are the two goals. Whether it is me scoring 10 points, me scoring two points - I just want to win," Stone said.

Stone says his role model on the court is his coach, Derek Berger.

"Every game I ask him, is he ready, and he tells me, am I ready - and if he doesn't say he's ready, then I won't really be ready," Stone said.

Stone says off the floor - his inspiration is his father.

"He tells me what I'm doing wrong. Everybody tells me what I'm doing good - so he tells me what I need to work on and what he sees I'm not doing right," Stone said.

For his dedication to the game as just a junior, Diamond Stone is a FOX6 High School Hot Shot.