Delavan-Darien senior discovers potential career while injured

This Delavan-Darien senior juggles multiple sports as well as multiple activities, but her life is anything but a circus.

That's what makes Rylee Crull this week's High School Hot Shot.

"My parents, when I was little, put me in a whole bunch of sports just to see which ones I liked and which ones I was good at," said Crull.

One of those sports was basketball.

"I played with 8th grade boys team because they did not have a lot of boys," Crull said. "And I have older brothers too, so they kind of contributed to that. And then we have a basketball hoop at my house. So I would go play with them outside. I would always get pushed around so just something I have grown up with."

But basketball is not the only sport that has stuck for Crull.

"Well, I play tennis, and now I am in basketball and I will play soccer once basketball is over," she said. "And I think basketball is my favorite sports so playing other sports keeps me in shape for it."

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Crull scored 1,000 points during her career for the Comets, and even did so while missing a good chunk of time with a broken foot.

Because of that experience, Crull had to constantly get x-rays and discovered a possible new passion.

"I think it would be cool to give x-rays to other people when I know there will probably be kids like me who also broke bones from sports," she said. "I think that will be really interesting."

Crull plans to attend Black Hawk Technical College in the fall.