'Classic cup of coffee:' Bucks, Colectivo relaunch popular Bucks Blend Coffee

MILWAUKEE --  In celebration of the Bucks’ exciting playoff run, the Bucks and Colectivo have relaunched the popular Bucks Blend Coffee, with Bango making a visit to Colectivo’s Humboldt Café and Roastery on Monday, April 29.

"It's energetic, man. Everybody's got the Bucks vibe. Bucks fever is going on strong," said Jay Fonder, Bucks fan.

Bucks Blend Coffee will be featured as Colectivo’s Coffee of the Week through Sunday, May 5, at all 16 Wisconsin Colectivo locations. One dollar from the sale of each one-pound bag will go to the Milwaukee Bucks Foundation.

Bucks Blend Coffee

Bucks Blend Coffee

"It's a really classic cup of coffee," said Scott Schwebel, Colectivo VP of Marketing.

Kelsey Noack

Colectivo decided to bring it back because it seems anything Bucks will be big.

"It was just so popular, and when they continued to win, we thought it'd be fun to bring it back and help the city celebrate," said Schwebel.

Even those too young for coffee are joining the hype. At only six weeks old -- Jackson has already been to three games.

"He doesn't have a choice in being a Bucks fan," said Kelsey Noack, Bucks fan.

Bucks Blend Coffee

Bucks Blend Coffee

Bucks Blend Coffee

His parents have been Bucks fans for years -- and are glad to see the Bucks getting this kind of attention.

"It's exciting because before we would be rare of being a Bucks fan. Now it's cool walking around and you see kids all the time going to school wearing Bucks gear," said Noack.

Fans making a purchase at Colectivo will have the opportunity to win tickets to an upcoming Playoff game. Two tickets will be hidden in a coffee bag at one of the cafes, and customers at the register can enter a sweepstakes to win two tickets.