Woodson talks documentary 'The Perfect 10,' Packers QB saga

Charles Woodson would have a place on any list of classiest guys to ever play for the Packers.

But that's not the only select group that he is a part of. 

FOX6's Tim Van Vooren went Beyond the Game with the Hall of Famer to talk about The Perfect 10 documentary, being surrounded by fellow Heisman winners, and the Packers QB situation.

TVV: "Charles Woodson, you're one of those guys that I've seen from afar, and a lot of athletes, you see from afar, and you think about them a certain way, and you get them up close, and you think, Oh, they're not quite what I thought. Every time I'm dealing with you, you're better than what I thought. Charles, the more exposure to you, the better. So as you're involved in a process like this, a production like this, how much of it is just being you?"

Woodson: "Yeah, I think that's what it's all about. You know, you just try to be authentic in who you are. You know, at the base of everything that you do in life, whether it's your profession, my profession, hard work is always at the base of it. And I always try to put my best foot forward in terms of my work ethic and just going out there and competing and trying to be the best. I think, you know, in football or whatever sport it is, you know, there's always a hidden competition out there on the field, whether it's your own teammate or if it's another defensive back on another team. You know, you're always competing. And that's the way I always looked at it. And so any of my endeavors, football, outside of football, you know, I'm always competing and trying to be the best."

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TVV: "Well, you mentioned that you didn't even know that there was such an exclusive group of ten guys who won the Heisman and gone into the Hall of Fame. I certainly had no idea as well. How exclusive do you feel it is to be not only a part of that group, but the only defensive guy on that list?"

Woodson: "Tim Brown, I think he was the first I heard, said that there were more men that walked the moon than, you know, won a Heisman Trophy and made it to the Hall of Fame. I think when you think about, you know, us as a country, you know, putting an individual on the moon, you know, this extraterrestrial rock out there the moon, and we actually put a man out there. That kind of puts things in perspective. So to be amongst this group, you know, only ten guys, you think about all the guys who have played college football, you know, the amount of guys that have come through the NFL and to whittle that down to only ten guys that have done a specific thing, it really does, you know, put everything into perspective. And like you said, being the only defensive guy, you know, to have a defensive guy represent especially, you know, the Heisman Trophy, an award that is typically going to go to an offensive guy every year. That's in itself, you know, an amazing feat that there's a defensive guy that is on this list."

TVV: "When you're sitting there with these other guys in the club. Charles, are you nervous? Are you kind of on – the little butterflies? Are you like, this is cool? I mean, those are the best of the best."

Woodson: "Yeah, the best of the best. And, you know, I'm the young guy in the room. You know, I'm sitting there with, you know, my elders, so to speak. And, you know, guys that, you know, many of them played before me. You know, I played on the same team with Tim Brown. So I got to see him up close and personal, you know, But to just sit and listen to the guys, listen to their stories, you know, Earl Campbell, Staubach, like, you know, that's pretty cool. You know, to just kind of go back really down memory lane with those guys and their stories and how they watched, you know, one another and how they -- I talked about competition earlier, how those guys in their minds, they were competing against the next guy. They wanted to do what the next guy had done. And, you know, it's just you know, for me, it was just a joy, you know, just to be around, you know, greatness. And I always tell people when you're young, you don't think you ever, you know, be in the league at the same time, you know, as some of these players, like I played with Tim Brown. As a kid, I never thought, you know, it seemed so far away, you know. But then at that meeting that we had, where we sat down and talked amongst one another, for me to be sitting down there just, you know, face to face with all of them and listen to their stories, Man was a special experience."

TVV: "Yeah, I bet. An executive producer of this. What does that mean, Charles?"

Woodson: "Well, that just means that, man, I have some input, you know, a little bit of input on you know, how it's structured, you know. Looking at the video and making sure that, you know, things are portrayed the way that we all want it to be portrayed. So it's a huge honor. You know, Tim Brown is a guy who he's been trying to do this project for some time. And it finally came together. And, you know, I remember he approached me with it and said, hey, man, I want you to be a part of it. And being executive producer, I guess, is part of the perks."

TVV: "It pays to know the right people and be who you are. Man, I remember talking to you at your wine showings and in the locker room after so many games. Charles, It's really been cool. You're such a classy guy. I can't let you go without asking you what's up in Green Bay? Who's quarterbacking next year?"

Woodson: "I think that before last year, I know that I had mentioned I think that the Packers should do everything in their power to keep Aaron Rodgers on that team. But I think now I mean, I think that, you know, I was watching the interview the other day, and it was Romeo Doubs, and he was talking about, you know, never spending time with A-Rod outside the facility. And even though that there's nothing to that story, like, you know, you don't have to spend time with guys outside of facility. But I think that in terms of them having a young quarterback on the roster, being that he's closer in age with some of these young receivers, I think that maybe it is time and I think you know the chance for the Packers to see what the young quarterback has and then allow A-Rod to continue his journey with another team. So I think that, you know, young Jordan Love may be the quarterback for the Packers next season."