Cardinals fan gets shoved, flies over chairs in football brawl

It was a heart-stopping moment during a Cowboys-Cardinals game — and it didn’t involve the athletes.

Brennan Schwamb captured a video of a man in a Cowboys shirt shoving another man, wearing a Cardinals shirt, over a row of seats at the AT&T Stadium on October 19.

“What happened was that the guy in the Cardinals jersey was talking smack all game long and when I saw the people in front of him starting to talk back to him, it appeared he was getting very upset about it,” Schwamb told Storyful. 

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“Someone higher in the stands (the guy who pushed him) told him to come up there and continue to talk smack, and when the guy in the Cardinals jersey came up, there he started yelling and the guy in the Cowboys shirt pushed him.”

The Arizona Cardinals beat the Dallas Cowboys 38 to 10.

Storyful contributed to this report.