'Can't lose hope:' Bucks' OT win in Game 4 energizes fans

It was the scream heard around the world when Giannis Antetokounmpo fell in pain during the first half of Game 4 vs. the Miami Heat Sunday, Sept. 6. Milwaukee Bucks fans everywhere were understandably writing them off, which made the overtime win that much more remarkable.

There was, understandably, some hesitation going into the game, but fans said they didn't lose hope, staying in the Deer District until the very end, even if it meant they were on the edge of their seats.

"I believe in us," said Joseph Lehto.

"We love the Bucks," said Erin Lehto.

During the do-or-die matchup, fans couldn't help but feel a mix of emotions.

"It's just up and down, roller coaster the entire game," said Adam Noack.

In the NBA Bubble, the Bucks were faced with a tall order, and a big setback.

"The only other tie a team has come back from a deficit like this is the Red Sox," said Joseph Lehto. "Never happened in the NBA before."

"And then, Giannis gets hurt before halftime, so obviously, we're thinking, 'Well, it's a sweep,'" said Jordan Byrd.

As the game progressed, roars from the beer garden in the Deer District became louder until, finally, relief when the final buzzer sounded.

"They won! They won!" said Noack. "We're excited, you know? We didn't get swept. We live to see Tuesday. I'm excited."

Any initial doubts were forgotten after the final score.

"Hey, when Giannis is out, someone else has got to step up, and they definitely did today like they've been doing since we've had this coaching and this ownership. They keep fighting. They keep stretching, and 'Hey, we're still in it.'"

After all, in an unconventional playoffs, an unconventional win is only fitting.

"This is our year!" said Noack. "We're doing it! This is history."

Game 4: Bucks beat Heat in OT; Giannis out with ankle injury

Giannis Antetokounmpo was driving to the basket with 10:18 left in the second quarter, trying to get past Miami’s Andre Iguodala.