Cam and Chloe Marotta Basketball Camp

A new wave of talented basketball players arrived at The Facility in Mequon. Lots of smiling faces filled the gym for the Cam and Chloe Marotta Basketball Camp.

You'll recognize the brother and sister duo.

Cam is a former walk-on for the Marquette men's basketball team. He's now the director of operations for The Facility, which is owned by Steve Becker and Travis Diener, a former Marquette star. 

As for Chloe, she's entering her final season as a key member of the Golden Eagles women's basketball program. They're the kids of Marc Marotta, who played for Marquette back in the 1980s. 

"This is one person I've always wanted to do a camp with," said Chloe Marotta. "Cam knows a ton of people in this community, so when NIL came out, it was perfect for Cam and I to team up."

In their first camp together, the Marottas made it their own. 

"I think I bring a lot of energy and competitiveness," said Chloe. "I kind of keep the kids kind of going a little bit. Cam has that energy, too, but you know, as the older brother, he kinda keeps everyone kind of stable."

Over 100 kids from first through eighth grade attended the three-day camp. 

"A lot of the campers here are developing players, and they're looking to have a good time before the school year starts," said Cam Marotta. "They're here playing with their friends. We played a lot of fun games, doing some station work where they can work on their skills and ultimately, you know, just allowing them to have the best experience possible."

These hoopers were split up into groups, where they got to learn from the Marotta siblings and four other coaches. 

"For the older kids, we'd like to do a little more high-level basketball," said Cam. "For the younger kids, we were playing games and, you know, working on their fundamentals."

Many campers returned after attending Marquette camps that Chloe hosted. 

"She's taught me a lot about like, defense and offense and shooting," said Audrey Rush, a fifth-grader from Sussex. 

"I think I've gotten a lot better because I used to not be able to shoot," said Aubrey Bauer, a fifth-grader from Sussex. "Like, I would try dribbling and it would go everywhere, and now, I can dribble perfectly and shoot really well."

On the court, the Marottas taught the kids some intangibles, as well. 

"We have a theme every single day," said Chloe. "The first day we had, Monday, was High Energy Monday, so let's come in with a ton of energy. Tuesday then was Teamwork Tuesday. With those, you know, aspects of being a hard worker at this camp, I think also just having a lot of fun. We're competing a lot. Today we hit a half-court shot for popsicles at the end of it and a lot of one-on-one, two-on-two competitive things, and they're having a lot of fun with it."

It's all about helping out the next generation.

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"It's been fun to do it in our community and you know, to get all the people here at The Facility, especially. It's been just a great week so far," said Cam.

With the Marottas, it's a family affair. 

"Yeah, it's fun," said Chloe. "The fact that Cam and I can do this together and carry on that legacy, it's something so important to us. You know, my siblings, they're so proud of us, as well, and then having my grandma, she's working the concessions, so she's very much involved. My grandpa, as well."

Making an impact one kid at a time, that's the greatest win of all. 

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"All these kids come from all over the place, and they feel so invited every single time they walk into the gym and that's something very important to me, and I hope that they can learn from me, my teammates and Cameron and have success," said Chloe.

The Marotta siblings will hopefully do another camp together when Chloe's final season with Marquette women's basketball is over.

Until then, the duo is still involved in Club 52. It's an AAU basketball program for boys and girls of all levels. 

The siblings will continue to represent No. 52, as well. It's the number their father Marc wore when he played for Marquette and also, the one they both wore, respectively, for the Golden Eagles.