Cain 'unsure' if this will be his last run with the Brewers

Lorenzo Cain has been a fixture in center field for the Brewers, and they expect him to be there again all throughout 2022.

But this season is the end of his contract. Will it be the end of his career?

"I’m still unsure about that right now," said Cain.

In what could be his final spring training, Cain arrived at camp on March 16 being hailed as a champion.

"I think he’s got the championship chain hanging over there in his locker to show that he won," said Adrian Houser.

"I was able to pull it off," Cain said. "So, I get to rub it in the guys faces the rest of this year."

"I wish I could have it," said Keston Hiura. "I wish I could be wearing it around."

But it’s another, much bigger championship that’s the focus for Cain this year.

"I’m going to go out here and give it my all," said Cain. "Hopefully we can get to the playoffs. Hopefully get to the World Series if it is my last year."

After dealing with leg injuries that plagued him throughout 2021 and sitting out most of the covid-shortened 2020 season, he starts this year healthy.

"You know me, I just want to play games and that depends on my health," Cain said. "If I’m healthy, I’ll be on the field."

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His goal is to play between 140-150 games in 2022, something Hiura feels is a huge benefit for this year’s team.

"I think everyone in this clubhouse and this organization knows his value to this team on the field and off the field," Hiura said. "Obviously, we all see what he does on the field defensively and what he does in the clubhouse, I think is even more."

"LoCain’s the best, man," said Josh Hader. "He’s the guy you want around this clubhouse. He’s the guy that brings the excitement around, always keeps it low-key where you know, you’re having a hard day, whatever it may be, you see LoCain he’s always got a smile on his face and puts a smile on your face. Hopefully it’s not his last year."

Like his teammates, Cain is very optimistic about where this team can go.

"I feel like we can go out there and the pitching staff do what they did last year and if we can come back this year and score a lot more runs than we did last year, I think we’ll be okay," said Cain.

So how the season ends could be the determining factor in how his career ends.

"I’ve done everything possible that I can think of throughout a career," Cain said. "I’ve accomplished a lot. So, I’m happy if it is my last year. It depends on how my body feels at the end of this year. If it feels great, I might come back for another year."


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