Burlington teen gaining confidence from lifting lifestyle

With her favorite animals by her side, one Burlington athlete is not one to mess with.

That's what makes Chloe Suchomel this week's FOX6 High School Hot Shot.

"I have definitely gained a lot of confidence from it," said Suchomel.

Power lifting has changed Suchomel's life.

"Being able to walk into a weight room or school or any social setting and 'I can lift more than this kid,'" Suchomel said. "Or just like party tricks. Whatever. Anything like that. I will be, like, you want to arm wrestle? Let's go. With anyone. Boy or girl. Whatever. It's definitely fun."

Suchomel is chasing championships in power lifting.

She is a state champion and finished in second at the 2021 Nationals.

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So much success in so little time.

"I really started getting into lifting about two years ago, maybe," said Suchomel. "Like light stuff. I just wanted to be stronger, and I wanted to that to improve my gymnastics career. And then it kind of switched over and now focusing from gymnastics onto lifting. I was like, I am pretty good at this. Why don't I give it a try? Then I started competing, and I fell in love with lifting and power lifting."

Last year, Suchomel took second in bars at state.

Along with her sisters, brother and parents, the entire Suchomel family has competed in power lifting.

Together they formed 7 Tails.