Bucks players subbed as coaches during game with incarcerated individuals in Racine County

STURTEVANT  -- The Milwaukee Bucks on Tuesday night, Dec. 17, teamed up with an unlikely opponent on the court.

The team's schedule takes them into arenas across the country, and on Tuesday it, it took them to prison.

Legendary Bucks players who are normally stars on the court subbed as coaches, while incarcerated individuals, Bucks executives, Governor Tony Evers, and Lieutenant Governor Mandela Barnes played basketball on the same team inside Racine Correctional Institution.


Tuesday marked just the second time a game has been played. It was hosted by Represent Justice -- partnering with the Bucks in an effort to break down stigmas associated with incarceration. Represent Justice is working with the NBA to bring this initative to other teams. The Bucks and the Sacramento Kings were the first two.