Brewers players, fans, crews at Miller Park gearing up for Opening Day April 4th

MILWAUKEE -- Opening Day for the Milwaukee Brewers is April 4th, and there is a lot of work that goes into ensuring it is a good Opening Day at Miller Park.

On Monday, March 28th, crews at Miller Park were beginning a busy week of last-minute preparations -- everything from making sure the field is ready for play, to prepping the kitchens for the crowds and making sure all of the mascots are good to go.

While the players and staff at Miller Park are getting ready for the season to begin, so are Brewers fans.

"Cold days like this, we still have fans tailgating, getting excited about the season. Even all on Facebook, viral, everyone's pumped up for opening day. It's a city celebration for us, opening week," Katina Shaw said.

The Brewers are squaring off against the San Francisco Giants on Monday, April 4th. It will be the first of six games at home to kick off the season.