Brewers help 4-year-old fan honor late father

Of the many things 4-year-old Axton Wanserski enjoys, they include baseball and the Milwaukee Brewers.

"It reminds me of my dad," said Axton Wanserski.

Axton's father, Tom Wanserski, was the ultimate Wisconsin sports fan.

"(He loved) Badgers, Brewers, Bucks, everything," said Lindsay Wanserski, Tom's wife.

Naturally, Tom introduced his son to baseball and the Brewers.

"When Axton was a tiny baby, we had DVR'd a Brewers game and randomly one night, Tom turned it on and started watching it," said Wanserski. "We found that that was the only thing that would sooth Axton when he was super fussy as a baby."

However, their father and son time would be cut short.

"It's almost unbelievable to think back on, like I feel like part of me is still in shock," said Wanserski.

Back in April, Tom was diagnosed with a low-grade glioma, an inoperable brain tumor. He passed away 14 days later.

"We're very much still deep in our grief," said Wanserski. "We're still very much processing what happened. This is obviously a very, very devastating loss for us."

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The love Tom had for his family, he also poured into his 20 years coaching track at Wausau West High School. Following his passing, the school had a dedication ceremony in his honor.

"The track team decided that they were going to rename the jumps area in Tom's name," said Wanserski. "There was lots of tears that day, lots of tears and lots of support."

Continuing to celebrate Tom's life is what led us here, to American Family Field.

"Axton's aunt, Meghan, thought that she would write a letter to the Brewers, and it was just a beautiful letter about how our family has just been going through a lot this year and this would be something that would be very special to Axton and something that we could do to honor Tom," said Wanserski. "They emailed back, and they said yes. We'd love to have you do the Labor Day Opening Pitch."

On Labor Day, about 70 members of the Wanserski family and their friends, gathered to watch Axton throw out the first pitch.

"To the Brewers organization for having us, like thank you so much," said Wanserski. "I can't even tell you what a precious memory this is and what a bit of joy this is in a really tough year for us."

Meanwhile, Axton has been practicing for this moment because he's throwing a heater.

And inside the ballpark, with his family watching on, he made his dad proud.

"I am so sure he's here and I'm sure he's right in the middle of it," said Wanserski. "To see Axton on that field, his heart would've just exploded."

A moment of happiness, and another baseball memory made with a son honoring his father.

"Axton's very first at bat at tee ball, he walked up to the plate, and he pointed his bat to the sky, and he said this if for my dad," said Wanserski. "This is going up to the clouds for my dad."

The Wanserski family also started "The Wanserski Foundation" ( in honor of Tom and to help other families who are going through their own brain cancer journeys.

You can donate here: