Brewers fans, crew prepare for final game of NLCS against Dodgers

MILWAUKEE -- With the series now tied for the Brewers, fans are anxiously awaiting the outcome of Saturday night's game.

The feeling at Miler Park hours after the Friday night's game was electric. We heard the Brewers say time and time again that they need fans to get loud for them -- that cheering, that celebrating, energizes the team. We saw it work Friday night.

Fans in the stands got loud and roared their support for the team and Brewers fans walked out of the stadium Friday night as winners. Jesus Aguilar and the Milwaukee Brewers forced the National League Championship Series to Game 7, bolting to a big lead and handing it to their dominant bullpen in a 7-2 win over the Los Angeles Dodgers.

And on Saturday night, Oct. 20, fans hope to do the same thing again. Saturday's game will decide who will advance to the World Series: the Dodgers or the Brewers.