Bradley Tech senior dropping jaws with his unique dunks

It was the dunk seen around the world.

Milwaukee Bradley Tech's Learic Davis threw down a monster windmill dunk over Milwaukee School of Arts last December.

"When I did the dunk, I didn't even think it was that good," said Davis. "When I went to the bench, Coach Shon were like, 'Learic, do you know what you just did?' I was like, ‘No.’ They were like, 'Man, I've never seen that before,' so I'm like, ‘Oh, it got to be something special.’"

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It certainly was.

"I was amazed," said Shon Haralson, Bradley Tech basketball coach. "Like, the whole gym froze, and the coaches froze and we were like, ‘What did he just do?’"

Haralson tweeted it out, and quickly, Davis' dunk was featured on SportsCenter's Top 5 plays.

"I never expected myself to be on ESPN doing a dunk in the game," said Davis. "It was really fun watching myself on ESPN. Followers went up. A lot of people started knowing about me more."

That viral dunk put the senior on the map.

Ahead of the NCAA Final Four, Davis was invited to the 2022 High School Slam Dunk Championships in New Orleans.

Once there, he showed off his skills in front of a national audience.

"First dunk was a lob windmill, so I lobbed it up and windmilled it," said Davis. "I kind of stretched it out, and they gave me a good score. Second dunk was a lob 360. I lobbed it and 360'd it and cocked it back at the same time."

Taking on high school players from Texas and Kansas, Davis finished in the second of three rounds.

"It went good," said Davis. "It was a nice experience. I could've won it if I made my dunks my first couple of tries, but you know, it was just fun being up there."

The art of dunking has been something Davis has been trying to perfect the last few years.

"Actually, I practice dunks in my free time after we work out or practice," said Davis. "I just practice a couple dunks."

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He's got quite a few in his arsenal.

"The side windmill that went viral [was my favorite]," said Davis. "I've been throwing the ball. I've been having someone throwing me the ball off the side of the backboard, so I can catch it and 360, and I've been trying that lately. I've been trying between the legs off the side of the backboard, too."

Davis has also gotten so good at dunking in-game, he made 12 in one game against Milwaukee Juneau this past season.

"It's fun doing dunks and getting the crowd hyped and your team hyped," said Davis.

"You kind of sit back as a fan and wonder, "What is he going to do?'" asked Haralson. "He hasn't disappointed me yet in the last three years with his dunks."

Beyond his flashy highlights, Davis has elevated this Trojans team. He became the first City Player of the Year for Tech since 1983 and helped the team win its first City Conference Championship in 17 years.

"I was saying we were going to put a banner up here at the beginning of the year, and that's what we end up doing," said Davis.

"I think he set the standard for our program, for other kids who are behind him or are going to come in after him, so he has left his own legacy at Tech," said Haralson.

Next season, Davis will take his talents to Tennessee State University.

"I feel like I'm going to be home," said Davis. "I feel really comfortable there. I wanted to make a difference and just go to an HBCU and change what they got going on over there."

And there, Davis hopes to continue to dunk on his competition.


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