Beyond the Game: Mason Crosby and Lombardi Golf Classic

GREEN BAY (WITI) -- Green Bay Packers legend Bart Starr may have said it best: TEAM stands for "Together everyone accomplishes much." That has been the case with the Lombardi Golf Classic. Mason Crosby is a member of the team, but when it comes to making kicks, the Packers veteran wants to stand alone at the top.

Last year at this time, Mason and Molly Crosby had their hands full chasing around their son Nolan. Mason says he'll be on the PGA Tour some day.

Right now, they're less than a week away from having a baby girl join the team!

Having a happy, healthy family has given the Packers placekicker a greater desire than ever to give back, which is why Crosby's participating in his seventh Lombardi Golf Classic on June 8th at North Hills Country Club -- his second as tourney co-chair.

The Lombardi Golf Classic is sold out for the second straight year. Nobody appreciates it more than tourney chair Ben Haas and his team. They, along with Crosby could have punted. Instead, they scored big -- helping raise $125,000 last year.

The Packers roster was behind Crosby through last year's missteps on the way to his worst season. The classy Crosby never made excuses or ducked a reporter's hard question in the locker room. He says having the support of his team helped.

Crosby has booted last year's struggles to the curb, and has determined to make kicks and reward those who never stopped trusting him and his ability. But first, he'll try to help the Lombardi Classic continue to move on in the areas of cancer care and research June 7th and 8th at North Hills Country Club in Menomonee Falls.