Beyond the Game: Brewers pitcher Kyle Lohse

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Milwaukee Brewers pitcher Kyle Lohse calls himself the second most famous athlete from Chico, California -- behind Aaron Rodgers.

The two didn't cross paths, because 34-year-old Lohse is older, but both went to Butte College, and both were passed over by the draft experts. Lohse is as motivated as his California counterpart to be great on and off the field.

After watching Lohse carve them up when he pitched for the St. Louis Cardinals, the Milwaukee Brewers are happy they were able to sign him to a free agent contract late in Spring Training.

Lohse's approach to his craft is direct and to the point, minus any complications. He always seems to be composed and even keel, but he wants to win. In fact, he's very competitive.

Lohse is aware of his position. He knows people are watching, and he wants to make a good impression on every one of them.

Lohse is a Native American -- one of only a couple in the Major League with strong bloodlines. The Californian is proud of his heritage and he embraces being a role model.

When Lohse pitched for the St. Louis Cardinals in 2011, Lohse, dressed in former manager Tony La Russa's jersey brought out the lineup card before a game against the Cubs. Lohse wore La Russa's trademark shades and made his then longer hair look like La Russa's. The boss wasn't present that day, but both dugouts roared.

As for playing in Milwaukee, Lohse says he loves the area, the crowd support and the community.